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Caring for your skin naturally

Exploring skin types

SKIN TYPE depends on the activity of the sebaceous glands and the level of hydration – both essential for good skin condition.

Before buying skin-care products check your skin type – this may change over time so do check at least once a year. The skin has a tendency to be drier during the cold winter weather or as one gets older – more moisturising is needed.

Remember to pamper your body all over with bath and shower products, massage oils and aromatherapy products.

Q. Do you know your skin type - YES

If the answer is YES - Some recommendations

1. All skin types need a moisturiser to slow down water loss.
2. Soap and water dries the skin. It is not designed to remove make-up. It also destroys the skin’s acidity.
3. All skins benefit from a face pack.
4. The best products are the simplest – those which resemble the skin’s natural oils.
5. Treat the eye area delicately; use an eye make-up remover and eye cream.
6. Facial scrubs are ideal for a skin pick-me-up.
7. Lip balms are suitable for all skin types.
8. Use an alcohol-free toner if skin is dry.
9. The skin may feel drier during the cold winter weather.

Q. Do you know your skin type - NO

If the answer is YES - Some recommendations

Q. Does your skin feel smooth, supple and clear with minimal occurrence of spots?
Yes No      
Normal Skin Q. Does your skin look and feel shiny especially in the morning? Do blackheads or pimples appear regularly?
  Yes No    
  Oily Skin Q. Does your skin have an oily centre panel but feel dry in other areas; react differently to cleansers, creams and toners? 
    Yes No  
    Combination Skin  Q. Does your skin always look and feel taut and dry; rarely break out in spots; sting on application of toner but feel comfortable using heavy creams?
      Yes No
      Dry Skin Q. Does your skin inflame at times and overreact to temperature with occasional redness and flaky patches?
        Sensitive Skin

All skin types benefit from a regular skin care routine.
There are THREE MAIN STEPS in a daily skin care routine


Usually light creams containing oils allowing them to be massaged easily into the skin. They are used to remove make-up and the day’s (or night’s) accumulation of dirt – even if make-up is not worn. Depending on the type of cleanser, the cleanser can be removed using a dampened cotton pad or facecloth or washed off using warm water.

Rosewood & Ylang Ylang Soothing Cleanser 250mls


Used to remove all traces of cleanser and excess oil, toners are designed to refresh the skin. Astringents have a higher alcohol content and should only be used on oily areas. Those with dry or sensitive skins should normally avoid these products.

Neroli & Sandalwood Refreshing Toner 250 mls


Used to prevent moisture loss from the skin, acts as a barrier against the environment. and should be used on all skin types.  This is the most essential step for those with dry skins helping to maintain skin elasticity. Note that a lighter, oil-free product should be used with oily skin. Note that Night Creams are thicker and intended to provide extra moisturising while you sleep.

Rose & Frankincense Night Moisturiser 50g

Neroli & Orange Day Moisturiser 50g

Carrot & Vitamin E Moisturiser 50g


Scrubs exfoliate the skin, removing layers of dead skin cells. Clean off a scrub, before using a face mask.
If you have an oily skin, choose a clay-based face mask, whilst a cold cream can be used with dry, damaged or normal skin.

Geranium, Lavender & Peppermint Facial Scrub 45g



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