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Body & Face St. Cyrus Ltd is a small, family-run company committed to the production of high quality personal care products that are as natural as possible and with minimal chemical processing of raw materials. As a small company we are able to use a synergy of people skills and equipment and appropriate technology to the best advantage.

We are situated in Laurencekirk, on the very edge of the Grampian Mountains in north-east Scotland – ideal for the manufacture of toiletries with fresh, clean air and naturally pure, soft water from a nearby loch in the hills above Glen Esk used in processing.

Our Philosophy

Our production is based on long-established functional ingredients. Ingredients not essential for the performance of the product are kept to a minimum. This includes those whose function is solely to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the product such as colouring and fragrances.

Basic formulations avoid highly chemically processed ingredients. A minimum of chemical manipulation is involved between the raw materials and the final products.

The use of preservatives is kept to a minimum, and only to the extent that their presence is essential to the safe and proper use of the product concerned and as governed by the Cosmetic Safety Regulations.


As far as possible all ingredients are of plant origin or derived from plant material.

As far as possible all organic-based materials originate from sustainable or cultivated crops.

We will not knowingly use materials derived from genetically modified (GM) plants.

Inorganic materials (such as clays, zinc oxide) are used only to meet functional or legal requirements specific to a particular product.

We make every effort to only use ingredients that will biodegrade safely.


We try to use UK-sourced herbs as far as possible using the latest scientific / technical knowledge to achieve full, holistic functionality from the basic plant material – avoiding processing / refining or synthesising of the active components of natural materials.

  • Our products are as natural as possible with responsible use of preservatives, incorporating only those legally approved and as minimally as possible to ensure product safety and shelf-life.
  • We use only medicinal-quality herbs with each herb extract made specifically for each end product in whatever form is most appropriate – be it water, oil or tincture based.
  • Our herb extraction allows us to achieve maximum actives benefit from extracts, tinctures and infusions used in products.
  • No genetically modified ingredients are used.

Pure (essential) Oils

We obtain these only from accredited members of the Aromatherapy Trades Council.

Body & Face St. Cyrus Ltd – our ethos and products 

  • No animal testing – operating under the Humane Cosmetic Standard, we are BUAV accredited.
  • No ingredient derived or originating from the slaughter of animals is used.
  • No ingredient has been tested on animals or re-tested for cosmetic purposes since 1st July 1994.
  • We are BUAV accredited and will take all necessary steps to maintain our compliance with the Humane Cosmetics Standard.



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